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It's New

Pigs at forefront of emission reduction
Testing has begun as part of a project aiming to reduce the environmental impact of livestock emissions after ammonia-harvesting technology was put in place on a pig farm. The PigProGrAm scheme is demonstrating a solution for the harvesting of green ammonia from pig waste that could also lead to the creation of hydrogen, a valuable tool in the fight against climate change. The research project team consists of a consortium including the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Beta Technology, the University of Leeds, Duynie Feed, a commercial pig unit in North Yorkshire, and water treatment specialist Membracon. https://ahdb.org.uk/news/testing-begins-in-bid-to-reduce-environmental-impact-of-ammonia-emissions-from-livestock.

AHBD brings back advanced training
A programme of advanced workshops for pig workers is returning after a four-year break to address the growing challenges and responsibilities in the pork industry. AHBD has redesigned the Stockperson Plus syllabus to cover topics such as water management, managing casualty pigs and assurance schemes for the first time, with all learning moved online.The redeveloped programme follows on from the Stockperson Development Scheme (SDS) to further develop the technical skills of pig unit staff. Training sessions will begin in late October 2023 and run until March 2024. https://ahdb.org.uk/news/advanced-stockperson-workshops-return-to-help-pig-industry

For guidance on reducing the risk of stock being poison by mycotoxins, written in conjunction with ABN, Primary Diets and Premier Nutrition, visit https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/mycotoxins-in-pig-feed

Love Pork
AHDB’s Feed Your Family for Less campaign is back – backed by a new look Love Pork website. Visit: https://ahdb.org.uk/feed-your-family-for-less-2023

Jet safe
The Water Jetting Association is offering farmers free training to ensure they and their operatives have the skills needed to work safely. The association says that most operatives working in the agricultural sector do not undergo training before using powerful equipment - a situation the WJA wants to counter. The move comes as the WJA is planning to launch a new code of practice for pressure washing. Farmers who want to consider taking up the WJA's offer should contact the WJA office team. Telephone: 020 8320 1090. Email: info@waterjetting.org.uk. https://water-jetting.org.uk

New way
A new service for livestock market prices is claimed to offer enhanced benefits to the industry. The Livestock Auctioneers’ Association has announced a change to the current system of providing sales prices, with the data moving from an AHDB to an LAA hosted platform.

BPA moves
The British Pig Association no longer has an office base at Trumpington Mews, Cambridge.
Contacts are:
Pedigree enquiries: 01223 845096
Diane Stanford pedigree@britishpigs.org
01223 845096 (Voicemail only in the afternoon)
Show enquiries:
Accounts enquiries:
Export enquiries:
Chris Jackson exports@uktag.co.uk
Email: bpa@britishpigs.org
Web: www.britishpigs.org

Designed to make life easier
Big Dutchman is the global leader in developing innovative solutions aiming to meet the demands of modern livestock farming. As the sole mainland UK supplier of Big Dutchman technology, Newquip's team of experts is able to advise on the latest animal friendly pig equipment designed to make farmers’ lives easier. Big Dutchman supplies automatic feeders for piglet rearing and pig finishing. The feeders can stand in the pen or be installed into the pen partition to easily dispense pellets, crumbles or meal. A 360deg pivoted dosing mechanism ensures the feed flows freely and can be operated by the pigs independently.
Big Dutchman's newly developed roughage feeder for straw or pellets means you can store feed in a practicable way while automating roughage provision. The stainless steel dispenser comes with a mixing blade, a discharging auger, and a transfer unit to the pipe conveyor, effortlessly transporting the roughage into the barn to be distributed to your pigs.
A novel group housing systems for three to ten lactating sows, the Agilo concept (pictured below) combines a separation option for the sow, farrowing pen with group area for sows and piglets, and individual farrowing in the farrowing frame to encourage bonding. Group movement promotes agility, higher feed intake, and increased milk production, while piglet hierarchy is defined before weaning, resulting in a smoother transition to piglet rearing.
If you would like any further information on Big Dutchman's innovative pig production solutions, please contact Newquip on 01677 428600
or visit Web: http://www.newquip.co.uk

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